Every religion in this world has its own customary laws, rules and regulations. No religion is superior to others; every faith has its own privileges and beliefs. Study says that there are more than 100 varieties of faith practiced by the groups of 10000 and more people in this world. In this article, we are speaking about women’s rights to property in Islamic laws.

Re-examining the law book

law book

There are many Islamic countries in the world. Most of them are incredibly famous, few are un-famous, and few are infamous. The scale of popularity in a way depends on the Islamic prejudices that do not allow the nations to grow or excel in most of the areas of the world. Muslims women in most of the countries do not possess that right to property and are also vastly manifested or governed by the schools of Islamic personal law. The two schools of laws are Hanafi and Shia. The Hanafis consider the heirs of male alone to be inherent to the existing property, for example, son’s daughter, son’s son, and son’s grandchildren, and so on. In the other hand, the Shias practice no such kinds of discriminations.

Many Islamic women from different corners of the world are fighting for the various rights like in Saudi Arabia women are fighting for legal rights, In India right against exploitation, in Egypt and Ethiopia women are fighting against discrimination and so on. The irony is that the male population in Islam has no issue to fight since everything is in favour of their existence.

The property rights of daughters in Islam

The rules of inheritance are highly strict. The males are celebrated gender in this religion. They enjoy a great privilege of taking birth in an Islamic clan. Boy’s gets to own double the freedom and property and privileges than a female child. If a daughter is born without any male sibling, then she has all the rights to inherit the property. But if she has a male sibling, then she gets the only 1/3rd of her share.

Property rights of a wife in Islam

The right to property of wife in Islam is very strictly followed in every corner of the world. In this case, the rights are very rigid and often fall under litigation. If the husband has more than one wife, then the share is very less, almost negligible. In many places of Islamic conquer if the husband disowns his wife, and then there is no privilege call to provide her with the rights.

Property right of a mother in Islam

A Muslim mother has all the privilege to enjoy the property rights of her children. This law is most enjoyable and convenient among all the other laws. A mother without her husband has to stay with her child to gain the authority of the property in case of the death of her children or grandchildren.



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