Statistics have had it that at least an individual must experience a one-car crash in their entire life. This is actually a lot to take in judging from the fact that people lose their lives in car accidents. There are different reasons why a car accident can occur and these can range from the drivers’ faults or other factors like the quality of the road or weather but in any of this case, it is never a good experience. Florida is a nice and cool city but can get very busy and there have reportedly been a good number of accidents in the city of Florida, it is also popular to file a lawsuit on the wrong driver if there was an Incurred damage to the vehicle. Stats have it that there are over 350thousand car crashes in Florida every single year and it has been established that the most common cause of this crash is due to disobedience of the traffic light. That aside here are the most common causes of accidents in Florida.


Drunk driving

This is not only one of the most common causes of Car accidents in Broward County Florida but also one of the most common causes in the world and it is unfortunate individuals think they are sane enough and good enough to drive in a drunk state. In the city of Florida, you actually don’t have to be actually drunk to be called a drunk driver, if any bodily alcohol is found on you and it on the level of 0.08% or higher then you are termed as a drunk driver. Also not just Alcohol terns you as drunk driver but the influence of alcohol and drugs. Many of these drivers do not realize that in a drunk state your body is way slower than your mind and although you think you can do it, you want to actually do it but you can’t actually do it.


In Florida, speed limits are not based on time but based on safety. The speed limits in Florida are supposed to get you to your destination safely not fast and on time. There are so many cars and so many people so if you think you want to drive at a high speed to meet up there’s a large tendency you would bump into another car. Many drivers choose not to follow the speed limit rule as they do not see the need to drive slow thus the high accident rate due to this factor. The problem with speeding is that it makes what is not supposed to be a danger, one. A blind woman is crossing the road but obviously, she’s not looking, if a driver is on relatively high speed or moderate speed, they will see her in time, but the speed makes it look like he arrives there to fast and hits her and she dies. It gives you less time to think and act causing accidents.

Disobedience of the traffic light

This is another major cause of accidents in Florida. If one is supposed to obey the stop sign and another is supposed to keep moving, disobedience automatically leads to an accident. It is very important because these lights regulate major roads and keep everything in order, disobedience is usually disastrous

Bad weather

In Florida, bad weather causes accidents a lot and many even refuse to drive in such conditions. There are blur visions and obstructions the weather creates a shape with are not actually there and blur shapes which are actually there thus accidents. Weather’s like wind gusts also make drivers lose control.


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