Hail stones can cause huge damage to a car. Aesthetically, it can dent the chip or metal the paint – but when it leaves you with a cracked or chipped windshield and restricted visibility, it becomes a massive issue. If the weather forecast is calling for a hail stones storm, take the following preventive processes for safety’s sake.

Listen to the Weather forecast

Always listen to weather forecast of your city and while hail stones can pop up unexpectedly, certain applications on your mobile applications will notify you to come hail stones threats, so you can change your program accordingly.

Park your vehicle next to the building or in a garage

Always keep your vehicle in a garage if you can, if you don’t have one, consider some investment in carport such conditions. Though, if the hail stones are imminent and there’s no covered parking available, park your car as near to a building as possible. This’ll somewhat shelter your car, particularly if the wind is blowing in the correct way, possibly preventing a cracked car windshield.

Place a floor mat or a cover over your car

If a hail stone happens while you are driving, the primary step is to pull over until hail storms have passed. While buying a special hail cover is the best investment, floor mates can aid to prevent a damaged windshield when putting over the glass. Put blankets over the car’s body to lower the threat of other damaged.

Get comprehensive coverage if you live in a city where it hails

If you live in a place where it usually hails, it might be a fine idea to have rental or comprehensive insurance just in case you get yourself caught in a hail stones storm. Hail stone windshield damage cost upwards of 4500 USD and no one wants to be stuck with a hail stone bill or without your vehicle for some days.

So, you were caught in Hail stones, now what???

If you found yourself in a hail stone and now have a hail stone damage, we suggest you follow six steps:

  • Rapidly call your insurance provider to report damage and file a windshield claim
  • Follow insurance provider’s instructions to get an estimate
  • Plan a meeting with a valuable repair service
  • The drop of your car for repair
  • Ensure your car is repaired to your satisfaction
  • Get a written warranty and contact details


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