After installing, you should have your garage door serviced at least one time a year if no other problems arise. Service method and techniques prolong the life of your garage door with preventative repairing:

  • Tightening screws and bolts
  • Lubricating areas of the garage doors
  • Adjust spring tension

Though your garage door might work just great without it, yearly service will prevent problems in the future. It is also fine idea to conduct your individual monthly review. Take everything into consideration when doing a general idea of your door of garage:

  • Find out the door can be opened by hand from the outer side without the opener
  • Always check for damaged glass if your door has glass windows
  • Make sure that your garage door is capable to fully close without problems
  • Listen for unwanted noises, such as unusual clicks or a whine when closing and opening the garage door

The detail you provide to service experts can aid them to diagnose and fix problems rapidly. The following are 2 tests that you can conduct yourself.

The picture eye is the system in your garage door which keeps your pets, kids, and belongings safe if they’re in the way of a closing door or garage. It forces the garage door opener to stop accidents.

Test the eye’s efficiency utilizing brooms or another long object – not a leg or an arm – by placing it below the door close to the land as it closes. The door should back and open back up. If it doesn’t work smoothly, keep pets and people away from the door and consult a garage door expert.

Evaluate your garage door’s alignment by primary disconnecting the opener. (Experts can provide an extremely helpful guide for disconnecting and reconnecting your opener, so your ideal research to know what you’re doing earlier).

The garage door should raise and lower smoothly and manually. If the opening needs further force or doesn’t open relatively easy, there might be a problem that needs to be repaired. Next, lift the garage door halfway and let go. If it moves up and down, the garage door is out of level and you’d call a garage door professional.

If entire goes well, you’ll be capable to reconnect your opener after this check and know that your door is fine to go! If not and you need garage door repair services in Houston. Thats cool too.



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